Pokémon plushies

I remember the days when I used to watch the Pokémon anime on TV everyday after elementary school. A one line summary for those of you who aren’t familiar would be it’s a show about a young boy Ash setting off on his journey across the world to become the greatest Pokémon master, while meeting new friends and defeating villains along the way. I prided myself on memorizing all 151 Pokémons from the first generation? and even saved a self-made collage of them with the good old Paint app on a floppy disk (am I dating myself too far back now?). Eventually, they came out with more series and more generations and more new Pokémons, but I wasn’t as obsessed by then.

In 2016, Niantic released the game Pokémon GO, where the user actually has to walk around in the real world to catch Pokémons. Now, that rekindled my Pokémon enthusiasm, and I joined in on the international craze. It was unbelievable how popular the game became. There were constant news reports about its miracle powers on autistic children and its role in leading players into crimes. You’ll see massive amount of people clustered all over the cities. I remember one of the hottest spot in Toronto was HarbourFront, due to multiple pokestops existing in such close vicinity. And in Ottawa, there were locations with similar features such as Dick Bell Park in Nepean. Here is a picture proof of the crowd (of course, I was part of the crowd too?).

For me, I think partially why Pokémon is so popular owes to the fact that some of the Pokémons are just too darn CUTE! At one point, I was really preoccupied with catching a vulpix, except for the longest time, none showed up on my radar?.

So my boyfriend got me a stuffed vulpix plushie (left one) from Otakumode.com instead! It is SOOO FREAKIN adorable?! Recently, I learnt there was a white version of vulpix, Alolan vulpix. Apparently, the species adapted to the snowy mountain peaks in Alola region, hence the colour and name. It looks just as CUTE?! After much debate, I bought myself one from Aliexpress (right one).









Here is them side by side.

I would say the quality of both are fairly good, very detailed works and stitching, soft and just the right amount of stuffing. Otakumode says their products are all authentically shipped from Japan, and with Japanese products having a pretty good reputation, I’d say it definitely lived up to it. The Alolan vulpix was surprisingly just as good (maybe slightly cuter), and I was going to comment on what a deal it was from Aliexpress, until I saw that it may be bootlegged. Hmmmm…I did not even consider that when I clicked “Buy Now”. So I actually researched a bit more and decided to do a post on how to spot a fake Pokémon plush. You can go there to see what I think about my Alolan vulpix. But regardless, I still love them both?.

Have you bought a Pokémon plush online? How did yours turn out?

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