My Aliexpress Earring Collections

I had intended to write this a while ago, after my first earring post, to showcase ALL my earring loots from Aliexpress thus far (except all the restaurant/recipes/Hawaii trip got in the way?).

Where I’m from, a decent pair of earrings starts around $10 dollars in stores. There may be cheaper earrings, but either the style is unappealing or the workmanship sucks. So imagine my excitement when I found countless unique earrings on Aliexpress for a lot less. And most of the retailers will ship them for free from China. Mind you, the wait is usually fairly long, thus I wouldn’t recommend buying from them for any immediate occasions. Always give at least a 6-8 weeks cushion time. I originally ordered cheap earrings from eBay, but most of the actual items did not resemble the pictures at all. On the other side, the ones that I have gotten off of Aliexpress, most of them were reasonable quality, with a few exceeding my expectations and the odd one that raised my eyebrows?. Maybe I had just gotten better at picking out the more dependable sellers?.

Here’s a family shot of most of them. All of them were under $5 CAD when I bought them, except the first pair.

  1. This snow crystal pair was my first ever from Aliexpress ($7.60 CAD). They are 925 sterling silver studs that hook in from the back and clips, a bit hard for me to put in (I lack earring put-on skills) but they are very classy and cute. The white crystal bunch look like snowflakes.
  2. I initially bought this pair 4 years ago during my Korea trip. But they broke, so I found the exact same leaf loop and bought them. Simple and classy.
  3. I like stars and the colour blue. I saw these planetarium-themed ones during my random browse for earrings and I just had to get them. They are asymmetrical and very well-made, and could easily jazz up any party outfit.
  4. These fur ball bunny earrings are super cute! Not really something my sophisticated mature self would wear, but they were too adorable, especially the white fur ball. Somehow I clicked purchase before my rational mind stepped in. The quality is remarkable though.
  5. Yes yes, this is another super kawaii pair of bunny earrings. I seem to like bunnies a lot too?.
  6. Pink isn’t normally my colour, but it went perfect with this 3-D sakura style. Sweet and sunny.
  7. Simple pearl star and moon dangle earring. Not over the board fancy, but detailed enough to add a touch of bling.
  8. Traditional Asian lotus flower design. These are 925 sterling silver and are very elegant. I just find that they pop out very easily for me. The long hooks aren’t doing their job.
  9. Flashy long winged-shape crystal earrings. These are perfect for any dressy occasions, or even wedding. I got these because I liked the winged design, and they looked very extravagant.
  10. These silver plated zodiac studs were tiny and unique in their constellation design. They will add a subtle sparkle to any look.
  11. As a dog owner, pawprint studs are a must-have?. No ifs or buts.
  12. Origami jewelry was another style that I appreciated and these origami deer were quite lovely. I do want to say that there were slight differences with the seller’s pictures (the details of the horns and the tail were a bit sloppy), but with it being so tiny, nobody will really notice it except you (myself lol). Plus, if I saw it without comparison, I’d say the ones I got were real cute.
  13. I like most designs of BVLGARI jewelries – simple, distinctive, and classy. Well, BVLGARI is an Italian luxury brand, which means everything is so darn expensive?. These interlocking rose-gold circles are sort of along the same lines, with roman numerals engraved on one and zirconia crystals channel set in the other. But it’s under $5! And there were so many good picture reviews, I had to get it. The product didn’t disappoint, just a bit on the heavier side.
  14. These asymmetrical flower studs were delicate and very well made. I think the design was what drew me in, super cute.
  15. I wanted some simple and long earrings to hide my big face, so this chained star and moon drop earrings were perfect. Although the seller’s picture had more sparkles photoshopped on?.
  16. and 17. I don’t have too many comments about these two pairs and I’m not too sure why I got them. They were cuter in the seller’s picture. Albeit, the goldfish one is still interesting, the star one looks kind of cheap and crappy (would not recommend), but that’s just my view on them now.

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