Cinnamon’s – Red Velvet Pancakes

One of my favourite flavours is red velvet. I know, I know, it is essentially chocolate with red dye. But to me, it just tastes like so much more?. Maybe it’s the connotations that come with the name, maybe it’s the constant rich and smooth consistency of it. I don’t know. I just love it. So, while researching for Hawaiian restaurants for our trip, I saw a picture of delicious red velvet pancakes and bam! Cinnamon’s instantly won a place on my must-try list.

Cinnamon’s is located inside a nondescript building at 315 Uluniu St near Lanikai Beach, perfect place to grab a scrumptious filling brunch before you head out to kayak or snorkel at the beach. The dark entrance opened up to a well-lit courtyard. we were seated in the breezy courtyard as it was a lovely day.

I, obviously ordered the red velvet pancakes, full stack, which included 4 pieces of pancake. Before my order arrived, I did see a few other people’s pancake orders, all of them were half stack and none of those people were kids, which made me wonder a little.

Well, the pancakes were humongous! The review pictures on Yelp lied, or at least they misled me to think they were thin. These pancakes were thick, fluffy, and soft. No wonder the server was surprised when she took my order. She even politely and non-judgmentally clarified “short stack?”. But I reaffirmed “full stack” ?. Anyways, these red velvet pancakes were drizzled in cream cheese icing and between each slice was some more of that. You really didn’t need any more syrup. The more I worked on it, the more I realized I should have only ordered a short stack.

But I managed to devour close to 3/4  of it. Our server later came over and cheered me on to finish it, she said she thought we were going to share it among the four of us?. The pancakes were so moist and yummy, too bad I just had no more room in my belly at all?. So then, this glorious task had fallen onto Kevin’s shoulder, our trip’s left-over disposal. And sure enough, he wiped it clean, even after he finished his own breakfast burrito.

My boyfriend ordered the kalua pig eggs benedict – in-house roasted, shredded Hawaiian pork and purple sweet potato on top of English muffins with a side of hash browns.

Their signature hollandaise sauce, juicy pulled pork and the purple sweet potato complemented each other perfectly. Absolutely mouthwatering. I would have had more if I had ordered a smaller stack of pancakes?. His only request for next time would be if they can fry both sides of the hash browns to the same crispiness.

Everybody enjoyed their dishes down to the last bite. And I loved this place and would go back again to get my own eggs benedict with a side of short stack red velvet pancake, to share of course.

One tip for those who want to try – make sure you come empty stomached because the portions are huge!

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