Lemongrass Bistro – Average Thai Fusion

Lemongrass Bistro was our first restaurant on our first night in Kona. Its high reviews, close vicinity, and the fact that we all wanted thai food brought us all here. They have a parking lot on the side where the first 2 hours are free, so that was a bonus.

I had the phuket trio because the picture of it on the windows was amazing. My plate did look pretty good when it came. It had prawns, scallops and ahi, along with some vegetables in curry sauce and a bowl of rice. The shrimps were perfectly cooked, just large-sized, not jumbo. Somehow, with the term ‘prawn’ in the menu, I thought they’d be colossal. The ahi and scallops were seared nicely on the outside, though I liked the scallop more. I wiped the curry sauce clean with the rice.

Not too many memorable comments about this place. Service was friendly. Decent food, nothing outstanding.

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