Dosanko – Bowls of Umaminess

I tried to keep all our dining selections to French based, because, it’s only fair to make the most out of our trip in Paris, right?

However, after passing by a block filled with Japanese restaurants, the sights of ramen lured out my cravings. I then searched for the top ramen restaurant and decided on Dosanko.

It was a very small corner shop. As you enter, you will see the bar seats by the open kitchen and a few high tables against the window on the left. You have to keep walking to get to the tightly spaced seating area, where the chairs are literally back to back with no space in between for people to pass if they were both occupied. No space left wasted. We entered right when they opened for dinner around 6:30 pm and got a table right away.

B got the royal white miso ramen menu set which included a petit bowl of ramen plus 4 chicken gyoza.

Raviolis au poulet

The chicken gyoza were not bad, nothing amazing either. Their petit size ramen was not small at all. The ramen was white miso broth base topped with braised pork, ground pork, bamboo shoots and scallions. He enjoyed it?.

Miso blanc royal ramen

I ordered the leek ramen because it had a red hot pepper beside it on the menu, as I always like a good kick?.

Ramen aux poireaux

From the picture on the menu, I thought that mountain of vegetables was cabbage or something, I did not realize it would be a pile of shredded raw leek. Of course, “poireaux” means leek in French. Duh. Lol. Actually, I didn’t mind the raw leek. It had a slightly pungent kick, which I kind of liked. But if you don’t like raw onions or scallions, don’t order this.

The broth was so rich and umami! And the noodles were perfectly springy. It was not spicy at all, for me, but nevertheless very delicious. On the wall, there was this poster that said you can request more broth to dilute your soup if you find it too thick. I found my broth to be a bit salty for me, so I asked the waitress by pointing at the poster?. The extra broth came piping hot and I love that!

It felt so good to have bowl of hot ramen on a wintry Parisian night.

By the time we left, the restaurant was packed and there was a line queuing outside. Worth a visit if you’re in the area?.

40 Rue Sainte-Anne, 75002 Paris, Frane

Leek ramen – 12 euro
White miso ramen menu set – 16.50 euro

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