Breizh Cafe – Decent Crepes

Wandering in the Marais, we were looking for something small to fill our sweet and savoury cravings. Breizh Cafe appeared in the food search of nearby area. It specialized in traditional and unconventional crepes. And it had tons of 5 star reviews. So, naturally, we followed google map to this destination.
We stumbled into their grocery store adjacent to the restaurant, which sold delicacies from artisanal jam to organic wheat flour to authentic fruit cider. I originally thought this was the restaurant because the address matched, but it seemed odd since the store was small and empty with only one staff. I asked her if they served crepe, she answered yes and only for to-go. She then clarified by pointing to her right and saying the restaurant was next door. Oops?.

The restaurant was clean, compact and well-lit. They had definitely maximized their number of seats with the limited space. You should ask for their English menu if you lack French vocabularies like me?.


I selected the Maraichere which consisted of market fresh vegetables, sunny side up egg, raw milk comte cheese on their buckwheat galette. The lacey crepe sure looked pretty, didn’t it? However, the crepe was dry and slightly burnt, maybe that was how buckwheat crepe was supposed to be. The Brussels sprouts and onions inside were a bit too salty for me. Needless to say, I was unimpressed. Although, I did like the little bowl of cider I had.

Chocolate, banana, whipped cream

B had the classic chocolate, banana, whipped cream wheat crepe. He enjoyed his and I did as well. I guess I still preferred the good old softer crepe texture.

I really believe the reviews over-hyped it. The crepes were average, nothing too memorable. And just plain OK?, if you take the price into consideration. The crepes had beautiful presentation for sure and the server was polite, but I think I will search for a new creperie when I am back.

Breizh Cafe
109 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris, France

Maraichere – 14.50 euro
Chocolate banana whipped cream – 10.50 euro
Small bowl of cider – 3.50 euro

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