Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

We originally intended to window-shop through Ala Moana Center, but I found the Shirokiya Japan Village Walk while searching for food places nearby, so we ended up spending hours there instead lol. I was ecstatic with my discovery, because this was essentially a bigger version of Yokocho Waikiki Gourmet Alley on Oahu? – a collection of a variety of Japanese food vendors plus some more cultural shops for stationary and gachapons.

Gachapon machines
More Gachapon machines

Clearly, this place was packed with people.

Kamitoku Ramen

After a few lapse through all the stalls, I picked Kamitoku Ramen as it stated it was “Hawaii No. 1” and “USA No.3” on Yelp. Those are some pretty serious claims if you ask me (unfortunately, I later learnt that you can not believe any assertions like those).

Kamitoku Ramen’s menu

I got the Beefy Spicy ramen because it had “spicy” in its name and the thought of that always made my mouth water.

Beefy spicy ramen

I really enjoyed the steamy savoury broth, and the spiciness elevated it even more for me. The beef shanks were well done and ramen noodles were nothing special. This was a decent bowl of ramen but I don’t think it lived up to its two bold claims?.

Kamitoku Ramen
Beefy spicy – $11.94 USD

Kulu kulu

Desserts are always the cherry on top for me. Especially when they all look so appetizing! O, the cream puffs, the cakes, the floats, everything looked so darn cute!

In the end, I was drawn in by the insanely cute Hello Kitty waffles?.

I don’t remember which flavours exactly, but the batter for some of these contained mochi which made them chewier than plain waffle batter.

Green tea headless Hello Kitty waffle

I tried the green tea custard, cream cheese, custard, chocolate and red bean flavours. My favourites were the green tea custard and red bean?, both an enjoyment for my eyes and my mouth!

Kulu Kulu
6 Hello Kitty waffles – $4 USD

There was also this cute pink phone background that you can take pictures with, very instagrammable.

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