Steak Rave (Oneawa Market) – ‘Ono Steak Plates

What a splendid little hole-in-the-wall this was. We would have easily drove past this place not knowing it served delicious Hawaiian plates. To be fair, it did kind of look sketchy from the outside.

This restaurant is called Steak Rave, it was literally a corner of this corner market called Oneawa Market. This market also had a massive collection of liquors, which may be the perfect pair for grilled meats for some.

B ordered the large Steak plate, which he liked but I thought the steak pieces were a bit dry.

I had the Kailua special mix plate which gave you kalbi, chicken and shrimp. All the meat were seasoned perfectly and differently. The BBQ chicken was tender, the Korean kalbi was juicy, and the garlicky shrimp was bouncy in texture. The rice was firm and chewy. They also have this amazing sweet savory BBQ sauce that you can add to your plate. I could just finish the rice with the sauce alone. Overall, I was impressed with their taste, the amount, and how quick they served the order. This place reminded me of Hibachi and Steak Shack.

O, they are CASH ONLY, so make sure to bring your Franklins.

Steak Rave
49 Oneawa St, Kailua, Hawaii

Kailua Special mix plate – $14.99 USD
Steak plate (large) – $13.99 USD

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