Tasca do Isaias – Seafood Paradise

Sesimbra was a very small and quiet town. We came in September, which was off-season, so the streets and the beach were fairly empty. We spent 3 days here. And for 2 of those days, we had dinner at this lovely family restaurant – Tasca do Isaias, per recommendation by our airbnb host.

The restaurant was a hole in the wall with interesting plates on the wall for decor. Space was limited inside and we tried to get there right when they open so we would not have to wait in a queue. Sometimes, you may have to share table with others. They have a display case filled with all sorts of fresh catch of the day. Basically, you pick, they grill.

Once you order, they will bring you some bread, salad and boiled potatoes. I think you can ask for seconds if you wanted (we did), I am not sure if they charged for them.

I forgot what kind of fish we ordered. The small ones with five lined up in the plate were sardines. I think there were sea bream, flounder, sea bass? I honestly do not remember. Aside from being heavy on the coarse salt, the fish were very fresh and tasty!

The clams were so delicious! I just love the garlic and cilantro combo with clams.

The cuttlefish was grilled to perfection too! Not rubbery and slightly creamy.

They have pre-made dessert. I got some coffee pudding, it was decent. But I would just stick with their seafood next time.

So, that was their bill. You would not know what was what, unless you asked them. That was the cost of our first meal there – we each ordered one fish, shared a plate of clam and all had a glass of wine. We were all surprised at how cheap the bill was. Amazing quality of fish with very fair price. Service wise, I think they were friendly enough despite our language barrier?.

Verdict: Would totally go back and order more seafood! Incredible value!

Tasca do Isaias
741, R. Cel. Barreto 2, Sesimbra, Portugal

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