About me

Hey! Fancy seeing you here?. 



My name is Yiling and I LOVE FOOD! 90% of the photos on my phone are food pictures. When people ask me about my holidays or trips, all I talk about is food?. I think the main reason why I love to travel so much is because I am able to try so many different types of cuisines and discover novelties at the same time.

Hold on a second, before you ramble on more about food, is this just a food blog then?

Mmmm, not quite. I am also addicted to buying earrings and wanted a corner on the internet to share my collection.

So, this is a food and earring blog then? 

Mostly, plus a few splashes of my random life adventures and tips, crafting attempts, and miscellaneous cute online finding reviews added to it, for a somewhat random personal blog.

Frankly, the real reason behind this blog is to make sure I use my time more wisely and more productively. I work in retail part-time and I find I spend most of my time off watching videos online or just aimlessly browsing through the internet. I have all these interests and yet I don’t dedicate time to enjoy them. Well, fingers crossed that this blog will serve its purpose to constantly remind me to allocate time for my hobbies, and not get drowned in the unnourishing part of virtual world.

Enough about me, I just want you to know I am grateful for your visit and I also hope you will find it meaningful or informative or at least somewhat entertaining when you explore through my blog. Now, don’t be shy, drop me a “hello“?.