Steak Shack – Perfect Lunch Plate on the Beach

During our wander around the Waikiki Beach, we decided to hit Steak Shack on 2161 Kalia Rd. My boyfriend had pinned it based on all the good reviews online. It sat right near the sandy beach. A perfect location for people hanging out on the beach surfing, sunbathing, or building sand castles all day. You don’t have to venture out of the beach, so you get to enjoy the beach and yummy food at the same time?.

I had the chicken plate and my boyfriend ordered the 12 oz steak plate. It was literally a hole in the wall, you ordered at one window, and picked it up right around the corner at the other window, where you can also watch the chef do the cooking. Pretty amazing how they kept everything so organized in such a compact space. Their service was super fast, all they needed was enough time to cook the meat.

The portions were generous. Steak was beautifully seasoned and grilled to perfection – tender, succulent, with a big punch of flavour.  My chicken was well-marinated in teriyaki sauce, very tasty and moist. Spring salad was fresh and not overdressed. The juice from the meat went well with the rice. They also had teriyaki sauce, A1 sauce, and sriracha sauce on the side for you to add. I tried the A1 and didn’t like it, but my boyfriend really loved the teriyaki sauce. So much that he went back and drenched his rice with it. The only complaint I had was that the rice was a bit overcooked and mushy for me, maybe it was just that batch. In general, amazing value for the money! Would certainly visit again when we go back✌!


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