Cafe de Paris – Beautifully Overpriced Desserts

In Korea, there are plenty of little coffee shops, cafes, and dessert shops. And they are all so full of characters and visually appealing. Even if you can’t read Hangul, you’ll be lured in by the blown-up beautifully photoshopped pictures. I’m serious. A main part of having dessert is the enjoyment of its colourful aesthetic presentation and the ambience of the shop. So obviously, I got suckered in to Cafe de Paris in Myeongdong by their poster outside of this massive mango cup.

It was a super cute store with wonderful lighting, perfect for any selfie-lovers.

They also have an amazing display of gorgeous cakes. But of course, I can’t let that lead me astray.

This was the mango bonbon on their poster. Isn’t it lovely? ?The mango chunks on top were fresh and yummy. Inside its walls was a mountain of whipped cream, which would go very well with the tanginess of the mango or tone down its sweetness. There were more slices of mango in the middle and mango slushy at the bottom.

I did wish they have more mango instead of filling up the majority of the spaces with whipped cream. Also, some of the mango slices in the middle had huge pieces of the fibrous threads, which tainted the texture for me.?

The mango bonbon cup was 16,000 won. Pretty pricey if you ask me for the amount they give you and the fact that it wasn’t anything amazingly special. If I wasn’t a tourist in the area, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it. But I was a tourist and I wanted an Instagram worthy photo.?

We also ordered a slice of double cheese cake to go. It was nothing extraordinary. To me, there was not enough of the cheesecake layer and too much whipped cream layer on top.

Cafe de Paris
40 Myeongdong 10-gil, Myeong-dong
Jung-gu, Seoul

Mango bonbon – 16,000 won
Double cheesecake – 7,000 won

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