Ollae Guksu – Amazing Pork Noodle Soup

B seeked out Ollae Guksu from mangoplate, with all positive praises. It was a very popular place. We went around 9:30am and there were about 20 people in line already. No foreigners, so you know it’s legit?.

Hungry crowds

First thing you do is you want to go in and put your name down first. Then find a spot outside and wait patiently. There are stools along the restaurant all the way around the corner. Eventually, a lady server will call out your name through a microphone. We waited about 20 minutes and noticed that people in bigger party who came after us already got a table. I guess it was hard for us to decipher what the lady was calling out because it was all Korean names that we could not differentiate and in the midst of it all, we missed our name. So B went inside with the slip they gave him originally and we got seated right away.

They only have one item on the menu and it’s on the wall. One bowl of Pork noodle soup for 8,000 won. Therefore, nobody will come to take your order, you will automatically be served a bowl of pork noodle soup. You can see that the kitchen just keeps popping out bowl after bowl after bowl. Very efficient streamline and speedy servers. They must have really perfected this dish, because all they have is this one dish to support the restaurant.

Pork noodle soup

The piping hot bowl of soup was so flavourful! They must have stewed it forever to extract all that savoury goodness from the pork into the broth. The massive chunks of pork were tender and thoroughly cooked. There was a perfect mix of lean and fat.

Kimchi was really tasty too

WARNING! The hot green peppers in the little side dish are very spicy! I know this because I dared B to eat one and he stuffed a whole one in?. Obviously he seriously regretted it afterwards, when his face lit up in flames. See all those tissue papers beside his bowl? Men. What can I say?.

Regardless of B’s accident, we both enjoyed our bowls of noodle. These bowls of noodles are worth the queue, and their taste and quality way way exceed the 8,000 won that they charge. If you’re in the area, this is a must visit!?

Ollae Guksu
301-19, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Pork noodle soup – 8,000 kwon

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