Tin Roof – Speedy Takeout Comfort Food

We picked this joint because it was right near the airport, as this would be our last meal before our departure flight?. As you can tell from the above picture, this little shop was jam packed with people. There weren’t really many spots for dine-in option, aside from the few high table seats against counter top by the window and a few chairs outside the store.

I took a quick photo of the storefront as we drove off. There were not many parking spots, so probably good to have someone hop off to grab the food and go.

Their menu was posted on the little black board.

I opted for their poke of the day – spicy ahi. The spicy mayo was balanced well with sweet soy sauce. It looked small for $14 but it ended up being the perfect amount of poke and rice.

B got their Chef Sheldon’s combo – pork belly with garlic noodles. B dug into his meal before I was able to snap a picture of it untouched. As you can see, he had thrown out the veggies?. Other than the onion and tomatoes, which he never liked to begin with, he demolished his whole plate. The side of mac salad was also deliciously creamy.

Verdict: would revisit!

Tin Roof
360 Papa Pl, Kahului, Hawaii

Poke of the day – $14 USD
Chef Sheldon’s combo – $15 USD

*side note: gosh, can’t believe it took me a whole year to finish my Hawaii trip’s food adventures. So much for having this blog to help my procrastination and productivity?. Well, thanks to COVID, with most non-essential services closed, I get to stay home and finish this. Hope you are all taking care of yourselves out there.

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