Insomnia – Amazing Brunch in TO

As I have said before, brunch has got to be my favourite meal of the day. It is also my favourite activity to do when trying to fill up my empty day, especially when enjoyed with good company?.

My friend had sent me an online review list of best brunch places in Toronto. After reading through all of them, I wasn’t fully convinced by the reviews. I still decided to go with an old pick of mine, Insomnia in Annex, because I am certain it will be amazing.

Based on prior experience, I knew this place can get very busy, so I made a reservation online. And because it would also be my boyfriend’s birthday, I wrote a little note asking if they offer any birthday specials. To my surprise, they actually responded and texted me the next morning saying they can “provide a nice piece of cake” and “to let my server know” when I get there. I did not expect that. A+ for responsiveness?.

It has an industrial garden ambiance with lights and branches hanging under the ceiling. We were seated in the back on the couch. Usually I wouldn’t complain, but these couches were low and it did not give me enough space to extend my stomach near the end?, so I guess I would prefer high tables for when my stomach gets engorged. Not sure if you feel me.

I got the Isabelle Benedict – tomato slices and guacamole. I substituted my English muffin with waffles for an extra $2.45. The mixed greens were lightly dressed. Their home fries has got to be the best and most unique home fries that I have had. They are perfectly crispy and perfectly coated in their “legendary” sweet and tangy sauce. Kind of like BBQ sauce, but not quite, still haven’t figured out their trade secret yet?. The egg yolk oozing out on to my waffles and taken in with a bit of guacamole and tomato, mmm was it ever de-licious! Everything just worked so well together. The portion was huge, I wasn’t able to finish my fries?. My friend ordered a mini-grilled cheese for her daughter and it came out to be an adult sized grilled cheese?, lol.

My boyfriend had the Heaven on Earth – french toast stuffed with berries and cream cheese. I didn’t really try it because I don’t like berry stuffed things, but it looked enormous and appetizing. The toast part was denser than normal french toast, yet still fluffy and not soggy. My boyfriend said it was good, but just not as good as it looked.

Half way through the brunch, I went to the washroom. And on my way back, outside my boyfriend’s field of vision, I grabbed my server and asked her if it was possible to change the cake to their Burnt Marshmallow/Vanilla Ice Cream as I noticed my boyfriend was eyeing it on the menu at the start, she said sure and told me to signal her when ready. I felt like a stealthy agent.

And since we sat right outside the kitchen, this guy came out with a lighted candle on the ice cream and started singing happy birthday. It felt like he was volun-told to do this lol, but I really appreciated it?.

I photoshopped on a smile and added some stars in the background to lighten up the mood of the picture. Because my boyfriend is one of those who hate to be sung to in public (me too). Well, how was I supposed to know the guy would sing rather than just bring it out? He did not look happy LOL, but I still thought it was real funny. Regardless, the ice cream was very yummy. It had a faint caramel and roasted taste to it.

The ice cream was on the house?.

Overall, superb service and scrumptious brunch, I would recommend this to anyone looking for brunch suggestions in Toronto!?

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