Doo Roo Ae – Solid Korean Cuisine

That same night after brunch, we were wandering around Korean Town near Christie, determined to discover another authentic and fine Korean restaurant to add to my go-to list. There were so many along Bloor St, and so many new ones that had popped up since my school days. I ended up stepping into Doo Roo Ae. I can’t remember why I picked it, but I sure am glad fate had led me to it. Maybe it was the piggy chef logo.

Their interior resembled a lot of the other Korean restaurants in Toronto – leather seating and a TV mounted on the wall playing Korean boy bands and girl groups music videos. We were seated against the wall, with leather booth seating on one side of the table and chairs on the other. Looked like somebody had vandalize the booth and cut a big tear through the leather cushion?, disrespectful people.

I was very pleased to see all the banchans (side dishes) they offered. Most other Korean restaurants will skimp on them and only give you three or less. They were all very tasty.

My boyfriend ordered the maeun tteok bokki (spicy rice cake). You can never go wrong with spicy rice cake at a Korean place. The rice cake was delectable. Soft, toothsome rice cakes in the Korean signature sweet and spicy sauce, stir fried along with fish cake and vegetables. I had most of the fish cake because my boyfriend hates any slight fishy taste, I think it tastes umami.

I had the yeomso tang (black goat soup). The vibrant bubbling stew was incredibly flavourful with loads of tender shreds of black goat meat, tons of nutty perilla seeds to tame the gaminess, and some yummy vegetables that I don’t know the name of. The stew had an unexpected good kick to it. The purple rice was well cooked, chewy, firm and not too mushy. The whole thing was very hearty and delicious. Now, there was one thing that puzzled me – the small dish of chilli, ground garlic, green onions, black pepper, and perilla seeds that came with the banchans. I was unsure of its use. Apparently, google said that was supposed to go along with the soup, but I have yet to find the correct way of incorporating those condiments. What I need is a Korean foodie guide to show me the proper ways!

In the end, I was very full and ecstatic with my new addition of another solid Korean restaurant to my list?!


Doo Roo Ae
659 Bloor St. W



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