Golden Lobsters – Hidden Hakka Gem

Today was a day filled with unexpected issues?. First, we got pulled over for speeding because we were passing a car, who was driving under the speed limit. Then, I realized the wedding that we were heading for was actually tomorrow. Shucks! That means all the planning of accomodation and pet sitting had to be rearranged. There was more to follow, but that’s a story for another day. What I really wanted to write about was this Chinese Hakka restaurant that we discovered in the Scarborough area!

Since our schedule for the evening was “freed up”, we were browsing through restaurants nearby. I was craving Chinese food because I know I’ll be missing out on the seafood feast at the wedding reception because of my stupid mistake. I stumbled upon this restaurant that had 5 star reviews on Google. Anyhow, we decided to give it a try – Golden Lobsters.It was located in a small shopping plaza right beside a bakery and some other outlet clothing stores.

The inside was a small, simple and clean. The server was very attentive and friendly. B just popped his head out to check for credit card machine and he came over to see if we needed anything. He greeted every customer warmly with “my friend” or he asked “what do you want to order boss?”?.

Our order came lightning fast, it literally only took 5 minutes per dish.
First dish was Manchurian chicken. Super crispy and crunchy fried chicken pieces that was stir fried with sliced carrots, onions, green pepper and celery. The chicken was not greasy and had the perfect amount of batter. The seasoning was sooooo savoury and tasty! It also had a little heat punch to it!

Next was spicy Hakka seafood noodle. This dish had noodle with shrimp, immitation crab meat, bean sprouts, cabbage slices, and some egg white parts, all stir fried in soy sauce and more. I don’t know what the sauce mix was but it was very delicous and not too oily. The shrimp was tender. I was just eating one spoonful after another, until I could stuff no more.

They had these two seasoning or sauces on the side. The green one seemed to be some sort of pickeled pepper, which I did not know what to eat it with or how to eat it. The red pepper sauce was amazing! I added it to my noodles. It was a bit sour and the heat creeps up on you. Very satisfyingly yummy!

We ended up ordering a mango smoothie in the end because it looked like everybody who entered the store got some sort of drink. The smoothie was packed with fresh mango taste, not watered down at all. So refreshing!

I loved this restaurant! It deserved the 5 full star rating. The dishes were fresh, scrumptiously appetizing and very decently portioned. I wish I had a bigger stomach so I could have tried some of the other dishes.

Golden Lobsters – Chinese Hakka, Thai & Canton Cuisine
2300 Lawrence Ave E Unit 11

Manchurian chicken – $9.85? (Forgot the exact price, but seems like their prices went up because it didn’t match some of the menu pictures online)
Spicy Hakka seafood noodles – $10.00
Mango smoothie (medium) – $5.50

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