Mama’s Boys Burgers

B did the research as he’s always down for burgers. And since he’s a picky eater, you can usually count on his restaurant selections to be decent. He zeroed the choices down to Mama’s Boys Burgers.

It was a small unassuming store situated in the corner of a little strip mall.

I had the American single (4oz). They have all the typical burger toppings and tons of sauces and condiments to choose from. They call you up once the patty is cooked to have you customize your toppings. I picked lettuce, tomato, hot peppers, pickle and Mama’s sauce. Apparently, they charge 50 cents extra for the Mama’s sauce and spicy feta sauce. I didn’t know, and since this was after we had already paid with card and with no change on hand, the lady told me to just pay next time?. Thanks!

The burger was thick, juicy and tender and definitely home made. It had the perfect patty to bun ratio. And the patty was tasty enough, that you could have had the burger without any sauces. B requested to have the fries cooked for longer so they’re crispy, which was a great tip from one of the reviews online, because these were thick cut fries and we both love crispy fries.

B had the Mama’s signature with only Chipotle mayo. He said it was ranked in the upper half on his burger list, which meant a lot given the amount of burgers he has had.

I was pretty pleased with our meal. And the staffs were super friendly. This is a must-visit burger joint if you’re in the neighbourhood!

Mama’s Boys Burgers
480 Danforth Rd

American single – $4.95
Mama’s Signature – $12.95
Large fries – $5.50? (Don’t remember?)


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