Au Fil des Saison – Luscious Bite

Our second day in Paris, after sleeping in due to jet lag, we finally decided to head out for some food. B had downloaded this app called the Fork, which gives you discount on restaurants when you book online. He found Au fil des saison, a French restaurant within 10-minute-walk of our airbnb.

The restaurant was quite tucked away in the alleys, so thank god for Google maps?. The interior was small and cozy. We arrived around 1:55 pm because B made the reservation for 2pm. There were only one table of 2 customers in the corner enjoying the last of their meals. Turned out the restaurant closes around 2:30pm. We felt bad for coming so close to their mid-day break, but we also felt bad for leaving after we have already sat down and all?. So, we decided to only order some appetizers and leave before their set afternoon closure time. (NOTE: we found out that ordering just appetizers does not qualify for the discount on the Fork)

Cheese ravioli

I got the cheese ravioli. I’m not sure what kind of cheese it was but it was so delicious! Dipping the bread in the cheese sauce was heavenly! Also, the raviolis were cooked just right.

Shrimp risotto

The creaminess of the risotto was on point and the rice was superb, not mushy. Even for a non-seafood fanatic, B really enjoyed his shrimp risotto. The prawns were nicely prepared as well.

The waitress was super nice and tried to converse with us using her broken English. Well, definitely better than my non-existent French, even after 6 years of learning it through middle to high-school?.

If we ever go back, I would like to give ourselves enough time and really try their entrees.

Au fil des saison
6 rue des Fontaines du Temple, 75003 Paris

Shrimp risotto – 14 euro
Ravioli – 9 euro

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