Fermier Gourmet – Unpretentious Grilled Deliciousness

B sought out this restaurant one night because he was hungry for meat. Big chunks of juicy steak, to be specific, lol. The picture reviews all showcased half a plate of grilled meat at a bargain pricing. And since it was only 5 minutes walk from our airbnb, we just had to see for ourselves.

Fermier Gourmet was a small shop. It got packed very quickly. Right at the entrance was their cooking stations with tons of smoke and sizzle rising from the grill.

Their menu had a decent amount of choices, yet remained straightforward for me to understand. You can choose between 4 kinds of meat, vegetables or fries or both as the side, a sauce for your meat, and any extra topping on your meat as well. O boy, all this customization was making me excited!

Aiguillettes de canard

I chose their grilled duck with vegetables and mushroom sauce. It was a very generous portion of meat?. My duck was tender but it was a bit too salty for me.

Double Onglet de boeuf

B ordered double grilled steak with fries and black pepper sauce. The steak was grilled perfectly tender. B was impressed and stated that the restaurants in Paris generally knows how to cook their meat. I agreed?. I did like his steak more than my duck and his black pepper sauce also tasted better than my mushroom sauce.

Service was not bad. One girl was friendly and one girl was inpatient. If you take your meal to-go, it would be 2 euros cheaper. All things considered, they served delicious hearty portions of simple foods very quickly and for a great value. I would definitely go again!

Fermier Gourmet
185 rue du Temple, 75003 Paris, France

Grilled duck – 14 euro
Grilled double steak – 20 euro
Rose cider (Sassy) – 4.9 euro

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