Rai Rai Ramen – Mediocre Ramen

This was a tiny ramen shop with 4 parking spots right in front of it. It seemed to have pretty high ratings on Tripadvisor (4.5), Yelp (4), and Google (4.5).

The interior decor reminded me of a Chinese restaurants?. Wonder if the ramen will be authentic?

Miso Charsiu ramen

To me, it just didn’t look that legit with the baby bok choy?‍♀️. Regardless, B enjoyed his miso charsiu ramen.

Hot & spicy beef ramen

Tender beef slices on top of firm noodles in a thick soup base. You can taste the shallot and garlic in its aroma.

For me, this wasn’t an authentic Japanese ramen place, more like a Chinese fusion ramen. It did not impress me. I mean the ramen didn’t taste bad, just mediocrely tasty, not worth the high ratings that I have seen.

Rai Rai Ramen
124 Oneawa St #1, Kailua, Hawaii

Miso charsiu ramen – $12.95
Hot & spicy beef ramen – $12.75

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