The Alley – Generous Bowling Alley Eats

This restaurant was close by the Aloha Stadium Flea Market, and apparently it was on the food show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”. I mean, the fact that it was on Guy Fieri’s show alone was enough to warrant a visit for me?.

The restaurant is attached to the Aiea Bowl bowling alley. If we didn’t know that we were looking for a restaurant beside the bowling alley, we would have missed it.

Alley mixed plate with kalbi and tasty chicken

Their menu was filled with local eats. B chose the Alley mixed plate with kalbi and tasty chicken. The kalbi was tasty and the chicken super crispy with the perfect amount of batter, although the chicken could be juicier. Their “Alley tasty sauce” for the chicken was amazing! I could just finish a whole bowl of rice with the sauce alone and nothing else?.

Oxtail soup

I ordered their signature oxtail soup. The soup came stacked with 3 bowls and a small dish on top. It was remarkable how the servers balanced it all and didn’t topple anything. The soup was salty but very flavourful. You can taste the orchestra of peanut, shiitake, and the meat. For some reason, I thought it reminded me of pork trotter soup? I wasn’t exactly sure how to use the ponzu sauce. It was sour and I didn’t truly appreciate dipping the oxtail meat in it. Their bowl of brown rice was perfectly cooked. I wish I had a bigger stomach because I just could not finish it all. This restaurant definitely has good value.

Dessert display

And if I had space in my belly, I would have had a slice of their cake, they all looked me longingly.

The Alley
99-115 Aiea Heights Dr, Aiea, Hawaii

Alley mixed plate – price varies based on what you pick
Oxtail soup – $16.95 USD

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