98 La La Noodle – Handmade Noodles with Authentic Taste of China

I walked past this location many times in downtown Ottawa and never stepped in. I am so glad I did this time?.

The interior setup reminded me so much of local restaurants in China -steam rising from a big boiling pot under the large fume hood with piles of fresh dough laid out all over the counter. As you step in the store, you’re welcomed by this draft of delicious smell of noodle soup?.

I got the small bowl of classic beef noodles with pickled mustard. They have different levels of spiciness and different options for the thickness of the noodle. The spicy sauce is the same as the jar on each table, so you can always adjust it after you get your bowl. The soup was light yet so flavourful. The noodles were chewy. However, if you don’t eat them quick, they will get soggy and expand, I was barely able to finish it all. Honestly, this reminded me of savoury noodles in China; I was very impressed with this authentic find in Ottawa.

B got the small classic beef noodles with thick noodle and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

The BBQ lamb kabobs were juicy, tender, and well-seasoned. If the noodles were smaller portioned, I might have been able to stuff in more kabobs?.

Verdict: Great portion, reasonable price, and amazing taste, definitely would return!!

98 La La Noodle
179 George St, Ottawa, On

Classic beef noodles with pickled mustard (small) – $12.95 CAD
Classic beef noodles (small) – $12.95 CAD
BBQ lamb kabob – $8.63 CAD

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