La Salamandre – Simple Locally Sourced Lunch

Versailles is a beautiful city in France, famous for its royal magnificent palaces and gardens. The city is very accessible by the local transportation. We rode the RER train from station Invalides to Versailles Chateau – Rive Gauche for about 45 minutes.

Just missing the sun, still gorgeous!

After admiring the grand, majestic Palace of Versailles for 2.5 hours, we decided to rest our feet and to appease our tummies at La Salamandre. It was a small two floored restaurant.

The servers were super friendly, and one of them helped us translate the menu when he saw us struggling with it ?. We both opted for the Formules Midi “la petite” which is a set menu of either ‘appetizer + entree’ or ‘entree + dessert’ for a set price. What a bargain! We did not go for “la grande” combo because we were not super hungry. Do note that this option is not available on weekends and public holidays.

L’oeuf Salamandre

My appetizer was Salamandre egg. It was a perfectly runny poached egg on a cushion of spinach and mushrooms, surrounded in tasty hollandaise sauce and sprinkled with chives. I cleaned the sauces with bread, so yummy! Only down part was that the spinach was a bit gritty.

Pave de saumon roti a l’aneth

For main, I had their roasted salmon steak with dill. The salmon steak was amazing! It was so tender on the inside, some parts literally melted in my mouth! My first time experiencing that for salmon?. The haricots were a little unimpressive.

Burger tradition

B was debating between the butcher’s piece and the burger. The server had recommended the burger for someone with a bigger appetite, so burger it was. The burger was topped with bacon, canon cheese, and onions. B devoured it, even though he hated onions. For me, the aioli was delicious.

Cheesecake au citron vert

B finished his meal with lime cheesecake. It was lighter and fluffier than the usual cheesecakes I’ve had in States or Canada, nonetheless, delectable?.

All things considered, this was a lovely little restaurant that was dedicated to serve homemade food from local fresh ingredients. The cooking style in general was simple and impeccably skilled.

Would recommend!?

La Salamandre
2 rue de l’Occident, 78000 Versailles, France

Salamandre egg (7) + Roasted salmon (14.5) – 16.90 euro (formules midi price)
Burger (15.5) + Lime cheesecake (7.5) – 16.90 euro (formules midi price)

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